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The layout of the BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU

Figure 2: The layout of the BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU
The BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU is designed to provide a trusted game experience. BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU will connect the material world and the digital game world to become the center of the transfer of all kinds of native assets, digital assets and physical assets, making the assets more secure, the flow of the asset chain more natural and the transaction more efficient and quicker. At the same time, it fully excavates the essence of the "trust" by the block chain, provides the related technology output of the block chain to the outside, and constructs a credible digital age with the block chain technology. Figure 2 is the overall schematic diagram of the BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU layout. We provide the trinity infrastructure of the protocol - technology – application to achieve continuous self-renewal and improvement through the closed-loop interaction with the BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU community.
The following is the introduction layer by layer:

protocol layer

● Brief introduction:

In real life, there are many types of assets with different forms, their related rights recognition and protection, asset transactions and circulation issues cross national boundaries, involving language, law, cultural customs and other fields. For entering the era of block chain, it is necessary to draw up the corresponding rules to get through the boundary between the physical assets and the virtual assets, to chain and confirm the different forms of assets and to realize the transaction and circulation. In recognition of the importance, diversity and complexity of asset rights confirmation and transactions, the BGT chain will create a core of the work that is based on block chain technology and is consistent with all types of asset protection laws, game availability, and universality.
Just as the TCP/IP protocol for Internet transmission and communication has solved the problem of how information flows freely in multi centers and led mankind to truly enter the golden age of Internet, the consensus agreement of BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU solves the problem of how to combine the game with the block chain, and leads people to open the door to connect the real and virtual world.
From the point of view of the classification of assets, all assets can be divided into three categories: "primary block chain assets", "new data assets" and "traditional equity assets". The "primary block chain assets" is the digital money and digital assets, which are produced, used and transferred on the block chain, represented by Ether and CryptoKitties. This kind of asset is highly coupled with block chain technology. The asset is confirmed the ownership through the account address and is circulated through the intelligent contract, with usage rights directly determined by the common mechanism of the block chain and the intelligent contract set by the developer, which becomes the class I asset.
Unlike "primary block chain assets", although "large data assets" forming between users and platforms have digital characteristics, their asset rights are difficult to be clearly defined as the former, and the assets characterized by the form of "bit" can be classified into this category including users' active uploading of text, pictures, sounds, videos etc. as well as the interaction between users and platforms. From the angle of property rights confirmation, the "original block chain assets" have clear property rights through block chain key account control. The "big data assets" arise from the interaction between human beings and computers and the Internet with unknown property rights, so they are often abused and embezzled by the centralized platform. From the angle of transfer of assets, Because of the replicability of the data, the traditional centralized managed transaction mode and account mode have failed, which greatly reduces the initiative of the people to develop and use the data. Many data producers are forced to turn into cash through traffic and advertising, which aggravates the loss of value in the process of asset circulation. In the future, the block chain will be directly applied to the ownership confirmation and transfer of "big data assets" to stimulate resource potential.
Traditional equity assets, including tangible assets such as real estate, automobiles, and intangible assets such as copyright trademarks, will also usher in new changes in the digital age. On the one hand, with the continuous innovation of financial and property rights structure, the "physical assets" has a digital form, including stock, exchange voucher, etc., which is loaded on the block chain and increases the liquidity, making decentration transaction possible. On the other hand, with the gradual diversification of physical assets and the increasingly complex transaction chain, the traceability of block chain will bring about the improvement of intrinsic efficiency.

● Implementary route:

Protocol layer linking virtual and reality is the first step and key step in asset digitalization. Our ultimate goal is to provide a complete set of "asset upper chain" preparation schemes to store real (or already digitized) assets in some form in the block chain. To achieve this goal, we focus on promoting solutions to the following problems:
1. To standardize the characteristics of asset digitization: to classify three different types of assets and to extract their digital features for different categories, we focus on the following points:
a. Distinguish ability: an asset representation that can be identified and verified.
b. Compliance: the process of making standardization of assets characteristics should take full account of the legal status of assets, and actively embrace, adapt to regulatory and legal standards.
c. Universality: Establish structural (hierarchical) standards, fully extract the same points of assets so that subclasses can inherit as many parent standards as possible.
2. Formulate standard block chain characteristics requirements: In this step, we are concerned about the expression of digital assets in different chains (such as Ethereum, EOS network). A simple example is the ERC721 contract in Ethereum, which we can use to identify certain unique assets. However, this asset is not able to be stored on the Bitcoin network because of capacity limit of block chain, unless we have the ability to require the Bitcoin bottom to make changes to adapt to the function of the ERC721. Therefore, in this protocol layer, our task is to target the existing block chain network, extract its unified features, so that the types of blocks covered by protocol layer are as broad as possible. For the developing block chain network, we aim to become the industry standard so that it can actively adapt to our asset chain needs.
3. Make perfect supervision and fair guarantee mechanism: The monitoring mechanism is also the most important concern of the protocol layer. Generally speaking, it is difficult to guarantee the "non-forgery" of physical assets through pure technical means. Our solution is to adopt an agreement and establish a complete and effective monitoring mechanism. As shown in Figure 4, the entrance of the upper chain is a node, it undertakes:
a. Temporary storage of physical assets
b. Digital feature extraction of physical assets
c. The specific implementation function of the asset chain
The monitoring mechanism is to make the three points open and transparent. For example, solve the problem of authenticity of physical assets in a, the compliance of assets extraction process in B, and the uniqueness (assets exist at any time on 1 chain at most) of assets in C. We introduce a verifier cluster: If we consider different block chain items as members (nodes), supervision is a cross - chain operation in the way of community. Therefore, we can establish a set of evaluation mechanisms (such as voting, random selection, etc.), introducing the verifier of different interests, simplifying the content of account, establishing an appropriate incentive scheme and encouraging the verifier to verify it.

Technical layer

● Brief introduction

Block chain technology will undoubtedly become the most effective tool for asset rights and circulation in the digital age. A self-consistent and coupled technical solution is needed for "asset chain " and "asset cross chain transfer". This is also the two key points of the BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU technical layer to provide technical support for the implementation of the protocol layer.
For the asset chain, we have developed the digital standards of assets and corresponding block chain requirements at the protocol level. At the technical level, we provide a stable and efficient solution to achieve the practical operation of the asset chain. For the cross chain transfer of assets, that is, the liquidity problem after the chain of assets, in the technical layer we need to break through the cross chain technology, which can let the value cross the chain and obstacles between the chains to directly circulate. Unlike traditional convertibility of digital currencies, the focus is on more universal value circulation. For example, a real jersey will be transferred to the chain B after going on chain in the protocol layer (in chain A in some form).
In general, block chain is a kind of distributed ledger. A block chain is an independent account. Two different chains are two separate accounts, and two accounts are unrelated. In essence, value can’t be transferred between account books, but for a specific user, the value that the user stores on one chain can become the value of another chain, which realizes the circulation of value. There are two essential requirements for technology:
1. Ensure the atomicity of transactions, that is, A minus B plus as a whole operation.
2. Ensure traceability on the basis of effective implementation of protocol layer . That is, the value of chain B can be traced back to chain A, so as to ensure the recognition of value and reach consensus (Continue to take the Jersey as an example, that is to say, the chain B can still be considered equivalent to the same Jersey) .
For the above two requirements and application scenarios, BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU provides decentration and stable cross chain technical support.

● Implementary routes:

1. For problem of asset going on chain, we divide it into two sub problems.:
a. Digital feature extraction;
b. Going on chain of digital feature
For a, different assets need different solutions. For block chain primary assets (digital currency) and digital assets, the extraction of digital features is easy. But for physical (or physical related) assets, in general, pure block chain technology can’t solve the trust problem at source. For example, we can ensure that the content of going on chain is not modified by block chain technology, but if a copy is forged when going on chain, false data can be provided at the time of use and it claims that the data is the real data when going on chain at that time. For this problem, we introduce a reasonable artificial supervision mechanism and provide technology to simplify the process as far as possible.
The realization of the supervision mechanism itself is a chain of alliance. At the time of the need for manual intervention, whether data extractors are strictly following the protocol level when extracting physical assets and the proof of its ownership ( control rights) , it needs to reach a consensus offline and confirm the confirmation to the alliance chain online as a guarantee for the authenticity of data sources, and data is publicized to accept the supervision of members of the community.
At the level of technology realization, we are mainly concerned about the following points. l: load balancing: According to the state of community and community load described by the user as well as coordination of crossing chain, select the optimal selection of going on chain. ll: Automated Deployment: It is compatible with various block chain networks that meet the requirements of protocol layer, and automatically compile and deploy corresponding intelligent contracts.

Application layer

● Brief introduction:

The application layer of BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU aims to provide security and easy-to-use asset chain and transfer tools for new users.

●Implementary routes

“Mining world big money” supported by BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU, as a bridge to the physical world and the digital world, aims to become the first entry and high frequency application of the new users cognition block chain. As the circulation warrant of the product system, BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU is the identity symbol and consumer voucher of “Mining world big money” game. The aborigine in “Mining world big money” game enjoy the joy and profit of the industry giants by holding BGT, BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU will rely on the block chain technology to return the monopoly wealth brought by the large-scale digital era to every user who supports the game in the early days.
Ecological system of “Mining world big money” game
“Mining world big money” game takes the mobile terminal as the entrance and educate the new users to recognize the block chain technology and the high-quality block chain project through the way of game, which is divided into two core modules: “Mining world big money” game, BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU wallet.
“Mining world big money” game: Block chain mining game platform
Asset digitalization is one of the greatest applications of block chain technology. “Mining world big money” game let new users understand the meaning and value of the digital assets of block chain ownership confirmation.
BGT BE GLAD TO MEET YOU Wallet: Token wallet with a consumer scene
Token is the most direct and the most intense form of new users becoming a member of the block chain community. BGT wallet provides a mobile terminal centric token hosting service for new users, similar to the payment platform in the digital money domain. BGT wallet will also expand its application scenarios based on user needs, including token exchange, token money management and token payment. Compared with other wallets, BGT wallet has high frequency and long stickiness through the game, and the development space is huge.
As new users’ first digital currency wallet, BGT wallet helps new users establish cognition of digital currency and digital asset and expands the application scenarios, so that new users can realize the charm and fun of the block chain and everyone can enjoy the bonus of the technology development of the block chain.